Internship Project by AICTE-2022-23
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Ancient Indian Tradition view
Comparison between current and Ancient Mathematics view
Mathematics in Ancient India view
Empowered Women in Ancient Times view
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1 Team Members view
2 Virtual Exhibition of Unsung Heroes of Indian National Movement view
Activities 2022-23
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1 Team Member view
2 Concept of Algebra and Geometry by Lilavati on 6.1.23 view
3 Imparting IKS: Vision and Thought Process Behind it on 2.12.22 view
4 International Conference “Indian Knowledge System: Integration and Internationalisation” 14-15 July 2022 view
5 International Conference (Saraswati IKS Centre) Web page view
6 Seminar भारतीय गणित की शैली “ on 16 FEB 2023 view