About the Department

The department takes pleasure in being among the best units of Economics at the undergraduate level B.A. Hons. and B.A. Prog. It has a young and dynamic faculty, specialized in their respective area of interest. Under the NEP, the department offers a package of courses designed to acquaint the students not only with theoretical and methodological issues but also issues pertaining to the real world. It also equips students with the requisite analytical tools to understand the trajectory of developmental paradigms adopted in the country over time. Whether it is workshops on research methodologies, or research projects, the faculty and students walk hand-in-hand as co-learners to take the department to new heights.


To impart high-quality education in Economics and develop critical and creative thinking among the students so that they analyze and innovate the solutions for complex domestic and global economic problems.

Courses Offered:

The department offers B. A. (H) in Economics and B. A. (P) in Economics as a major and minor subject. Optional papers are offered to fulfill the present demands of the real world. Skill enhancement courses also fill the gaps with hands-on workshops in the software package.

No. of Faculty members: 13

No. of Students: approximately 400

Departmental Society

‘Ecomaniacs’ – It is a vibrant departmental society wherein students of the department have assumed leadership and take the responsibility of organizing departmental events. The Economic society has elected office bearers annually in a democratic way. The elected members of the society mobilize the other students to work together for the development and celebration of departmental events like the orientation, freshers’ welcome, workshop, seminar, conference, eco-fest, farewell, etc.


The department organizes orientation, refresher courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, study visits, talks, eco-fests, farewells, etc. At the beginning of the session, orientation, and a seminar on career counseling were conducted. Recently, a two-day workshop on Research Methodology was conducted by the department. It took the students through all the stages of research in a step-by-step manner.

Placements and packages

The department has a counseling unit, which motivates students to pursue careers in various fields. It also encourages them to appear for interview for direct recruitment by reputed companies. Some students are also motivated to appear directly for government examinations after completing their degree. Faculty members provide a continuous and constant source of motivation to all the students throughout the year.

Research Projects:

The faculty members of the department are also engaged in the research projects. Dr. Bharat Bhushan has completed a research project on old age home and their importance in the present day funded by the University of Delhi. Dr. Supriti Mishra also completed a research project on major economic issues, which was also funded by Delhi University. Other faculty members are also engaged in teaching and research to achieve academic goals.  


  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
  • Dr. Supriti Mishra
  • Dr. Bharat Bhushan, 
  • Ms. Jyoti Atri
  • Ms. Priyambada Gupta
  • Ms. Ashani Dhar
  • Ms. Gunjan Khandelwal
  • Mr.  Aakash Kumar Soni
  • Ms. Suman Rani
  • Ms. Bisla Devi
  • Dr. Jitender Kumar
  • Ms. Kavita Meena
  • Dr.Deepika kumari