About the Department

The Botany Department adopts an interdisciplinary approach, committed to fostering rational thinking, scientific temper, and decision-making skills among undergraduates. Our curriculum includes skill-based papers, such as Organic Farming and Gardening, Nursery and Landscaping, alongside applied aspects of Botany and Environmental Sciences, enriched with practical experiments and field visits. We also support three main entities: the Centre Eco-club, the 'Swachh Action Plan' (in collaboration with the Ministry of Education), and the Garden Committee. These groups independently host various activities, workshops, and seminars on plant sciences and environmental issues. Moreover, our Garden Society organizes 'Pushpmahaotsava,' the annual flagship flower show in East Delhi, offering students a platform to showcase their botanical research and talents. The field of plant biology offers numerous career opportunities, playing a crucial role in advancing our understanding of the natural world and addressing key challenges in agriculture, conservation, and sustainability.



Dr. Sunaina Zutshi Ph.D

Dr. Pooja Gupta Ph.D