About the Department

The 3-year B.A.(Hons) degree programme in English is one of the most sought after courses not only in the University of Delhi but also in all other universities of the country.The University has,since 1999, brought about urgent and much needed changes to the syllabus. The traditional literary canon was expanded to include many new areas of study. Indian literature written in English as well as English translations of important literary texts are taught.The curriculum comprises of a wide selection of texts ranging from classical Indian and Greek literatures to European,African,and Indian literatures.

The English Department at SLC has been doing extremely well, with students from all classes hitting top ten ranks in the University exams. The department consists of highly qualified and dedicated scholars and the students are encouraged to participate in different activities related to their subject through seminars, screenings, presentations, performances and exhibitions.

Career Options

Career Options: Mass Communications, Academics(Teaching & Research),Management, Civil Services, Creative Writing etc.

  • Prof. Kusha Tiwari, Ph.D
  • Ms. Annie Thomas Rojer, M.Phil 
  • Dr. Rajesh, M.Phil,  Ph.D
  • Dr. Kinshuk Majumdar M.Phil,  Ph.D
  • Ms. Manila, M.Phil
  • Ms. Shivali Kharbanda M.Phil
  • Dr. M. Abbasuddin Tapadar M.Phil, Ph.D
  • Ms. Deepti Sharma M.Phil
  • Ms. Sumita Sharma M.Phil
  • Dr. Amit Kumar, M.Phil,  Ph.D
  • Dr. Kaushiki Shukla,  Ph.D 
  • Ms. Kiran Yadav
  • Mr. Dipank , M.Phil
  • Ms. Radhika Kundalia 
  • Ms. Nabanita Deka
  • Dr. Rohit Jahari  Ph.D