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ECO Club

“Together we can and together we will”

The mission of the eco club is "Go Green initiative" to raise the students' "interest" over environmental issues and to get the students actively involved in environmental matters from their own area. The club also seeks to conserve nature's heritage by education and direct conservation efforts to spread awareness about good environmental practices like for a ban on plastic, proper dumping of garbage, planting of tress etc. within Shyam Lal College.

Mission & Objective

Eco-Club of Shyam Lal College, University of Delhi is going to play vital role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. It is actively engaged in overall environmental education by adopting various environment friendly approaches for conservation and preservation of environment as in reflected from the following mission's statements.

Don't ever get discouraged. Aim straight for the goal and prove that you can change the world. Remember about the power of one. But keep in mind the power of many. Here at Eco-Club we will do it together and will succeed. Let your creative side explore. Don't ever, ever give up.

The activities of the Eco-Club are:

  • To organise awareness programs such as seminars, debates, essay, painting lectures and popular talks on environmental issues in the college.
  • Campaign and sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic/polythene bags, use of loud speakers, banned fireworks, recycling of glass and metals, filling of water body in the adjacent area, use of unnecessary horns.
  • The students are also exposed to various field activities such as visit to natural ecosystems and biodiversity parks to create enthusiasm regarding issues pertaining to environmental sustainability.
  • Organise rallies, marches, human chains and street theatre at public places with a view to spread environmental awareness.
  • Action based activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives both within and outside the college campus.
  • Grow kitchen gardens, maintain vermin-composting pits, construct water harvesting structures, practice paper recycling etc.
  • Prepare inventories of polluting sources and forward it to enforcement agencies.
  • Maintenance of public places like parks, gardens both within and outside the college campus.
  • Mobilise action against environmentally unsound practices like garbage disposal in unauthorised places, unsafe disposal of hospital wastes etc.
  • Beautify selected road side area with plants and flowers and put campaign boards to generate awareness.
  • To sensitize the students to save electricity and also encourage them to use solar panels
  • To motivate the students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, separation of waste, disposing off the waste to the nearest storage point.
  • To educate students about concerns of e-waste, their eco-friendly segregation and disposal.
  • To educate the students about reuse, recycle and reduce principle and preparation of products out of waste like paper bags, paper packets, etc.
  • To celebrate various environmental days, such as International Ozone day (16 Sept), Wetland Day (2 February), World Earth day (22 April), International Biodiversity Day (22 May), world Environmental Day (5 June) and weeks, like Van-Mahotsav, Wildlife Week etc.
  • To adopt good practices like gifting potted plants rather than flowers wrapped in polythene.
  • To spread awareness about flora and fauna (birds such as sparrow etc) in the college and its
Members of Eco-Club Committee:

  • Mr. Pankaj Kumar Chaudhary
  • Dr.Sunaina Zutshi
  • Dr.Neelam Dabas

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