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I greet all members of the large family:- Our students, fellow colleagues in teaching and non- teaching ...

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  1. Mr. Nishant Kumar
    1. E-content for B.A.(Hons.) History 2nd Semester Student
    2. E-content for B.A.(Hons.) History 2nd Semester Student
    3. Compressed File_Roman Empire IX
    4. The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Vol 1
    5. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of Ancient and Medieval World- II sem
    6. Origin of Feudalism in Europe
  2. Mr.Rohan Mandal
    1. BA (H) History-IInd Study Material
    2. BA (H) History-IInd Study Material
    3. Industrial Revolution
  3. Mohd.Wasim
    1. History of the USA: Reconstruction to New Age Politics
    2. reconstruction-era-reading1
    3. USA Reconstruction Reading
    4. History of USA The rise of industrial america
    5. History of USA The transformation of the trans mississippi west
    6. History of USA The crisis of reconstruction us history 1865-1877
    7. History of U.S.A H. A, Zinn Peoples History of the United States, 1492-Present
  4. Dr. Jaya Kakkar
    1. The_Mughal_Book_of_War_A_Persian_Translation
    2. Mughal_Art_and_Imperial_Ideology
    4. 2015.142894.The-Mughal-Nobility-Under-Aurangzeb
    5. The-Mughal-State-1526-1750
  5. Mr.Pankaj Chaudhary
    1. History of india 1707-1857A.D. AND GE paper inequality and difference, 4th sem
  6. Dr.Gayatri chaturvedi
    1. Study material for BA(H)History Sem IV (Indian Art and Architecture)
    2. Study material (in hindi )for BA(H)History Sem IV
  7. Ms.Priyanka Thakur
    1. Mauryan Art and Architecture, 1st yr.
    2. Tamilakam (300 BC - 300 AD), 1st yr students
    3. This material is for the topic Gupta administration
    4. Upinder Singh's text, pages 485-490
    5. Study material for History hons 1st yr
    6. Study material for History hons 1st yr
    7. students study material(Book)
    8. students study material( Book)
  8. Mr.Sanoj Kumar
    1. History of India 1857-1950 , B.A(Hons) History Semester 6.
    2. History of India 1857-1950 , B.A(Hons) History Semester 6.
    3. History of India 1857-1950 , B.A(Hons) History Semester 6.
  9. Mr.Ganesh Yadav
    1. GE 4 Environmental issuesMauryan Art and Architecture, 1st yr.
    2. The Anthropocene Review-2015-Knight-152-8
    3. The Anthropocene Review-2015-Maslin-108-16
    4. Vasan Ecological Crisis and Logic of Capital
    5. The Anthropocene Review-2015-Oldfield-101
    6. Neeladri, Pastoralists in Colonial World 1995
    7. Gadgil & Guha, Ecological Conflicts and Envi Movements, 1994
    8. Chetan Singh Forest, Pastoralists & Agrarian Society
    9. Bina Agarwal, The Gender and Environment Debate Lessons from India 1992
    10. E-Conent study material
    12. ??? ????????
  10. Mr.Pramod Kumar
    1. Delhi Through the ages colonial, E-content for B.A(H) GE History Semester 2.
  11. Mr.Anil Thakur
    1. Assignment, B.A(Hons)
  12. Prof Jitendra Prithvi Meena
    1. Assignment BA History {Hons} Semester 6.
    2. study material for the students of BA History {Hons} Semester 6.
  13. Mr Biresh Chaudhuri
    1. Reading Material for Hindi Medium Students, for the paper History of Japan
    2. E-Content Material, History
    3. E-Content Material, History of Japan and Korea
    4. E-Content Material(Book), History (English)
    5. E-Content Material(Book), History (Hindi)

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